A network that connects people to places and places to people

See What’s Going On, Anywhere You Are

Bocal allows you to view and publish geo-localized posts.

No need to follow anyone. The place where you are will determine the content of your feed.

When using the app, you will see posts published by your neighbors, people of the neighborhood and local shops: new knitting club 🐑, yard sale 🚲, lost cat 😿, new restaurant 😋, concert 🎸... It all depends on where you are.

Reach People of Your Community: It’s Free!

Just like a community billboard at the library or a telephone post on the corner of the street, Bocal is free and open to everybody.

You would like to sale something you no longer use, promote an event or even your business: Bocal is the place to go!

Reaching people of your community has never been so easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Post Can I Publish on Bocal?

Bocal was designed with few kinds of post in mind. Here are some examples:

Local Events

Local Shops

Classified Ads

Public Interest Messages

What Will my Audience Be?

People near you! and that use Bocal 😀

How can I Help Growing Bocal Community?

Bocal needs you! A social network without social is flat. Get to know Bocal by liking our Facebook page, by publishing quality content and by giving us feedback at preciousfeedback@bocal.co